RAK Davis offer cartage contractor services Victoria wide, and also operate Armytage Quarry (on the Princes Highway, west of Armytage Road). Quarry and garden supplies are available for delivery or collection.

For your Cartage services, Quarry or Garden Supplies,
Phone 03 5267 2094 (depot) or 03 5267 2436 (quarry)
After hours : Raymond on 03 5267 2401, or Max on 03 5267 2281

We can supply the following;

  • CRUSHED CONCRETE - use crushed concrete as a road base, drainage fill, bedding under pipes, or aggregate
  • CRUSHER DUST - use crusher dust (also called cracker dust)  as a base under water tanks or pavers - compacts well. Crusher dust can be used (sparingly) as a soil additive and lawn enhancer for minerals and aeration
  • CRUSHED ROCK - use crushed rock for driveways, drainage, and often mixed with asphalt, placed around trees, landscaping, french drains, and as a sub-base for concrete sidewalks, concrete driveways, and patios, septic systems, & tracking pads for job sites
  • FINE SCALPS - use fine scalps for farm drives and filling potholes
  • GRAVEL - gravel has many applications, including driveways, garden beds, and pathway surfacing
  • LILLYDALE TOPPINGS - Lilydale Toppings is a premium quality graded landscaping product, ideal for use in pathways, driveways & as a special feature effect in landscaped gardens
  • LOAM - ideal for gardening and agricultural use, loam consists of sand, silt and clay, retaining nutrients well while offering good drainage. Loam can also be used in the construction of 'loam & straw' houses
  • MULCH - mulch is a protective cover placed over soil to retain moisture, reduce erosion, provide nutrients, and suppress weed growth and seed germination
  • PEBBLES - pebbles are a very versatile material that can be used in both landscapes and buildings, providing a low maintenance ornamental surface and if used loose drain extremely easily
  • ROCK DUST - rock dust instantly replenishes soil with minerals and nutrients, as a natural chemical-free fertiliser and soil conditioner
  • SAND - sand can be used for a variety of applications, depending on the type & grade of sand, ranging from improving soil drainage in clay-heavy soils, as a base for pathways, pavers and bricks, or for mixing with cement to create concrete
  • SCALPS - scalps are best for paver base preparation and car parking areas
  • SCREENINGS - add screenings to concrete, depending on the application and strength required
  • SPALLS - small fragments or chips of stone, spalls are suitable for erosion control, bank stabilisation, land reclamation, or landscaping

Loaders, grader, low loader and tip trucks of all sizes available for hire.

RAK Davis truck image